Antonia has written several articles that have been published in the press


Here is an excerpt from the summer special of kindred spirit 2017 – What are emotions?

We have all seen a friend just after an argument. They are full of emotion: angry, sad and scared. The feelings are palpable. We can sense the pain as if it is our own. What’s being sensed is e-motion or ‘energy in motion’. It’s a field of energy; a bubble that surrounds us when we get upset.“What if we could tap into that field and dissolve it in an instant – even traumas that have been left unresolved for decades?


Here is an excerpt from an article about Divine Empowerment in the November- December edition of kindred spirit:

“Divine Empowerment last featured in Kindred Spirit in the summer of 2013. Since then the modality has been going from strength to strength. Founder Antonia Harman shares some of the profound breakthroughs.
Our cutting edge healing techniques are taught exclusively via our on-line classes. Students simply watch videos embedded with ‘light technology’ in the members area. Viewing them literally awakens parts of the energy body that have been dormant for millennia. There is even an introductory level 3 DAY FREE TRIAL, so you can try it out with no obligation.”


Here is an excerpt from the August edition of 2013 Kindred Spirit.

“Energy systems are a bit like iPads or smartphones. It is claimed that this revolutionary insight is at the heart of Divine Empowerment. Various ‘deeply nurturing energy frequencies’ can be up-loaded into our human software just like we install apps, according to this system. Antonia Harman takes us through what it’s all about…”


Here is an excerpt from the ‘Hooks’ article, Mindscape magazine issue 03:

“I feel that something is depleting me, messing with my energy levels. I used to wake up in the morning feeling great, now I am always shattered and it doesn’t feel right!” My friend said this to me one afternoon. Hmmm I thought, what the heck is up? I scratched my head for a second, whilst waiting for inspiration. My first question was “What time does the tiredness come on? “Having studied bits of Chinese medicine I know about the ‘Meridian Cycle’. This translates to 12 organs, each with a 2hour slot in the 24 hour clock. During their processing time, Chi energy is focused on the meridian, strengthening and vitalizing the organ associated. If your organ is in ‘toxic state’ when the cleansing starts, there can be some side-effects. These range from nausea, coughing, fever, aches and pains, chills, sore throat to fatigue. If you get a couple of these symptoms at the same time most days, then you may have an issue with the corresponding organ.”


Here is an excerpt from Mindscape ‘Allergic to Modern Living’:

“Societal advancements have their pros and cons. As we become more technologically advanced, so do our ailments. I have a
client, whom I will call Michelle, who recently reported a peculiar illness and a truly modern ailment. She was suffering from electromagnetic-hypersensitivity (EHS) and multiple-chemical-sensitivity (MCS). EHS is about electromagnetic fields, or the technologies that run the modern technological world: mobile/cordless phone, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, power lines, and worst of all, phone towers. MCS on the other hand is about chemical pollutants that we breathe, drink, eat and absorb through our skin.”






Here is exert from ‘Stress Bomb’ – Mindscape magazine issue 02:

“Stress and anxiety can be identified in your physical movements; the way you hold yourself. When you relax your body shape changes, from tight and hunched to bold and strong, wider, fuller. This is very primal, we can relate back to the lioness, hunting her prey, scanning
a herd of wildebeest, looking for the sick, vulnerable ones – the characteristics remain the same for humans. At a glance a hunter can detect the weakest.
So, what is stress and how do we avoid it? ”