DIY Evolution /Interactive online classes

Have you ever felt that there is more to you? That humans are capable of miraculous feats? That, seemingly supernatural abilities are actually supernormal? Our birthright?

My mission at Divine Empowerment is to help you remember your gifts. Latent capabilities, which have lain dormant for millennia. According to David Wilcock there are over 160,000 documented cases of monks in China and Tibet ascending to their rainbow body at the point of death. This is a fully enlightened state where all siddhis or spiritual abilities are unlocked. This shows us that with decades of meditation, devotion and isolation, reaching higher consciousness is possible.

What if there was an easier way, better suited to a western lifestyle? What if we are now coming into a ‘Spiritual Golden Age’ which is referred to in 35 different ancient texts from Hinduism to Christianity. What if our abilites could simply be switched on, and profound healing made accessible?

I switch on your latent healing abilities. Through watching videos in the members area of this site, your normal, natural, profound, seemingly magical birthright can be accessed.  Watch the video once, follow the notes, then simply propose or think of the energy you wish to use. With the ability switched on, the simple intention of an action will allow energy to flow.

The member’s area is designed to build a tribe of like-minded light-warriors on the path of evolution to help clear dis-ease in themselves and in service to others. There are levels to progress through, with correllatory leaps in abilities, too.

I and many others believe that emotion is the route of dis-ease. That dis-ease is actually a symptom of emotional disharmony. Clear the emotion and the disease no longer serves a purpose. Level eight students are even able to dissolve depression in a single session, though, even as early as level one, many ailments can be resolved and overall health functions dramatically improved.

The site has interactive forums where students can connect, ask questions, and learn to grow together.

There is even a free introductory level. We look forward to joining forces with you today!