The most fun and transformative healing classes imaginable.

Have you ever felt that there is more to you? That humans are capable of miraculous feats? That, seemingly supernatural abilities are actually supernormal? Our birthright?


My mission at Divine Empowerment is to help you remember your gifts. Latent capabilities, which have lain dormant for millennia. According to David Wilcock there are over 160,000 documented cases of monks in China and Tibet ascending to their rainbow body at the point of death. This is a fully enlightened state where all siddhis or spiritual abilities are unlocked. This shows us that with decades of meditation, devotion and often isolation, reaching higher consciousness is possible.

What if there was an easier way, better suited to a western lifestyle? What if we are now coming into a ‘Spiritual Golden Age’ which is referred to in 35 different ancient texts from Hinduism to Christianity. What if our abilities could simply be switched on, and profound healing made accessible?

I switch on your latent healing abilities, in class. Your normal, natural, profound, seemingly magical birthright can be accessed. With the ability switched on, the simple intention of an action will allow energy to flow.

There are levels to progress through, with correllatory leaps in abilities, too. I and many others believe that emotion is the route of dis-ease. That dis-ease is actually a symptom of emotional disharmony. Clear the emotion and the disease no longer serves a purpose. Learn to dissolve trauma maybe even depression in a single session, many ailments can be resolved and overall health functions dramatically improved.

We look forward to you joining our tribe today!

Level one highlights includes:

  • Meditation tools. This will teach you to drop into stillness instantly.
  • Dowsing -How to use a pendulum.
  • Hooks/ Evil Eye identifying and clearing. We can be affected by others thoughts, or shared trauma. Time to spring clean. Regular maintenance will make for a happier you.
  • The Big Eraser to instantly dissolve emotional trauma in yourself and others. The Big Eraser is really the jewel in the Divine Empowerment crown. As you progress through the levels, this energy will be upgraded for deeper and deeper work. In level 1, it can be used on specific traumas, a solo situation, to dissolve the stagnation of heavy emotions. The memory will remain factual but neutral, the pain erased forever. In later levels you will learn to dissolve long standing emotional pain and even depression.
  • Instant pain relief -Bill McKenna technique.
  • Multiple fun energies that can be taught to and shared with friends e.g. how to change the taste of wine using magic. It’s the ultimate party trick!
  • Chakra Master Blaster, to upgrade and activate your chakra system.
  • Some one to one personal work from me where needed.

Are you ready to join the tribe of the most badass healers on the planet? Ready to evolve and awaken simply, easily, with joy, laughter, fun, and compassion? To access your birth-right and unlock your innate healing gifts, super-normal abilities. To release your incredible, divine nature? Well, you just might be ready to become one of our warriors? Sign up today!

Join forces with a tribe of like-minded light warriors on the path of evolution to help clear disease in themselves and in service to others