I’m in OK! The Capsule and I have a virtual event on the 29th May

Dear Tribe,

Wow, big week for me.

I don’t know what to tell you first. Maybe that I am in OK! Magazine for the second time. This time I have a full page article, my first in a major publication, I’m tickled pink.

‘Top tips on how to cope with stress and anxiety during coronavirus lockdown from a wellness guru’

If you can believe it I’m also in another magazine called The Capsule Managing Your Wellbeing With Divine Empowerment Founder Antonia Harman

If all that is not enough, I’m doing a virtual event next week. I will be doing a one hour zoom session on Friday the 29th at 6pm. I will be talking about what I do, dissolving traumas and phobias in participants.

Here is the info

Now more than ever you need to look after yourself!
Feel healthier, happier and more relaxed with wellness expert Antonia Harman.
Through holistic methods Antonia will dissolve your anxiety, stress and negativity to enhance your personal wellbeing – both physically and mentally. Antonia will use her pioneering techniques to help dissolve traumas, grief, phobias and help you clear your “mental chatter” during the Divine Empowerment Wellness Event.
Antonia will teach you the tricks, tips and techniques to banish anxiety and bring out your best self!
Spaces are limited so RSVP is essential for Antonia’s digital wellness event to ensure your space.
The best version of you is just a session away.
What a great way to start the weekend!

I need your help promoting it. I have press attending and the more of my tribe that show, the better it will look. I’d be very grateful if you can share it across your social media, and share it with friends. That link again.

I was going to end there, but I just noticed that I am in another publication! I did a mental health workshop for Jacksons which is a massive building company, back in October here that is.

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,



Welcome Newbies And Class Videos

Hey Tribe

I want to extend a warm welcome to all of the wonderful people I met at the Mind Body Spirit workshop on Monday! 62 new subscribers, 62 new people interested in Divine Empowerment.
Thank you.

The footage is still being edited, I hope to have it for you in next weeks newsletter.

I do have footage from the class that I taught last weekend. As we know a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video must be worth even more.

Both of these were shot on the second day of level 1. This is the first time they have ever used these energies, I threw them in at the deep end and they were all incredible. I awaken these abilities in all my students, and they work the first time and every time.

This video is The Big Eraser -for erasing trauma
This video is also The Big Eraser for erasing Phobias

If you like what you see why now join me in class on the 13/14th June or the 18/19th of July. Please email me for more details, or check out my site.

For all the up-to-date videos please follow my YouTube.

I also post daily to my Instagram 

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


Instantly Erasing Emotional Trauma & Phobias Workshop- Monday On Zoom

Hey Tribe,

I hope you are well. I want to let you know about an event that I am doing on Monday the 11th at 7pm in collaboration with The Wellness Festival (Mind Body Spirit),  which has been postponed for obvious reasons.
I was meant to be speaking on stage for them. Instead, we have moved the event to zoom.

Full details are on this link.

The title of the talk is:-

Instantly erasing emotional trauma & phobias workshop 

I hope to see you there!

I’m also teaching level 1 this weekend which I’m excited about. I do love to teach. I will have videos from class ready for you in next week’s newsletter.

Have a great bank holiday.

With love,