The Big Eraser

I wrote a blog on ‘Thought Clouds’ in July 2014  , the musings have always interested me. I will recap briefly in case you missed it:-

My friend lost her car keys, she was panicked, even after we had arranged a free tow for her car to her private parking space at home, she also had spare keys indoors. When I say panicked, I really mean panicked to the point where she was shaking, crying and hysterical. She then uttered the immortal words “I think I’m having a nervous breakdown”.

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Plants Have Feelings Too!

On February 2nd 1966 Dr Cleve Backster discovered something wondrous. He was working with the CIA as one of their experts, using the polygraph or lie detector machine. His assistant had wanted to spruce up the office so bought him a dracaena plant. Having worked all night, at 7am on a coffee break he had an inspired but possibly preposterous idea. He looked at the plant, and looked at the polygraph then back to the plant. He thought to himself ‘I wonder if I can get readings off the plant in the same way I do for humans?’

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Food intolerances and how to fix them – Part 2

In last weeks blog we learnt about what food intolerances were on an energetic level. This week will learn how to test for intolerances and how to clear them.

To test for food intolerances you can use kinesiology or muscle testing with and without the allergen in your hand. If your arm is strong with an empty hand then weak with say wheat in your hand, this shows that you have a sensitivity to it. As the energy field around our body becomes disrupted just by holding a substance that our body doesn’t resonate with.

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