HNY, Radio interview & Skype Invite

Hey Tribe,

Welcome to 2020! Wow, it’s been a whirlwind Christmas and New Year.

I’m not sure if you caught my post on Christmas Eve? It was a last-minute one as I was invited on FNIX radio as a speaker. It was my first radio gig so pretty exciting. We were discussing dissolving emotional trauma. I used the Big Eraser on a couple of listeners too. So, if you want to hear me in action please have a listen here.

We are all set for the upcoming class in Birmingham on Jan 18-19. We are fortunate enough to have been invited into some office premises. It is likely that we will have use of a board room so we can fit a few extra people in. If you would like to attend, please do let me know. I will also be teaching in London on February 1and 2. For more info on the classes, click here.

The London class can be attended via skype if you prefer?

Tomorrow (Sunday January 5) at 1pm, I will be hosting a Skype call. If you want to learn more about the instant dissolution of emotional trauma, see me in action or even have an issue you want dissolving, please reply to this newsletter or simply add me on Skype Miss.Antonia.Harman. It’s completely free and we have room for up to 50 people.



I’m on the RADIO tonight this Christmas Eve!

Hey Tribe,

I hope that you are having an amazing Christmas eve! I know you are all busy helping Santas Elves. If you have some spare time this evening why not tune into me on the radio? That’s right I’m on the radio for the first time, this Christmas eve, how exciting is that?!

It’s an internet radio show, on fnik radio and I’ll be there live at 8pm. I’m sorry for the last minute notice if you do miss it you can, of course, listen in another time.

I will be discussing how I dissolve emotional trauma amongst other things.

I won’t take up any more of your precious time. Have a wonderful Christmas!

With love,



Was Santa created on a magic mushroom trip?

Happy holidays one and all!

If you have been following the last few blogs you will know that I have been working closely with Georgia Harrison to prepare her for her MMA fight. You will be pleased to know that she smashed it! What a champ! I’m so grateful to be part of her team.

We cleared her inevitable fear around the fight in Koh Samui. I then worked on her nervous system via a strand of her hair. I also linked into her on the day of the fight and cleared any nerves and watched the match with Darren, who is an ex-pro fighter, and supported her as best we could. He told me for example that she was dropping her fists so I channelled energy into her arms to strengthen them. We did that throughout all 3 rounds. She really was incredible! Well done, Georgia!

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