Mind Body Soul Wellbeing Festival 2020

Hey Tribe,

I hope you have had an amazing week.

I am happy to announce that I will have a stand at the Mind Body Spirit Wellness Festival at London Olympia on the 22-25th May 2020

I will be on stand C18, below is the info:-

Imagine being able to dissolve trauma, in just a few seconds. You no longer need to be a slave to your past. Experience instant trauma release, or better yet, sign up to learn this incredible healing art for yourself.

We also sell amazing CBD products and Orgonite made by Antonia at her London Ashram.

Healing classes
CBD products -Body Cream, Face Cream, Clay Mask, Gel, Hemp extract tincture.

I will also be on stage at 15:00-15:45 May 25th talking about:-

What dis-ease really is, and demonstrating instant trauma erasing!

Celebrity favourite Antonia Harman has been an expert at erasing emotional trauma for years now. The facts remain, but the negative associated emotions vanish. This is part of her level 1 Divine Empowerment class syllabus. Her new work focuses on the root cause of dis-ease and how ALL dis-ease can ultimately be banished.

I’m very excited to speak at the MBS wellbeing festival in London for the first time. It’s going to be a doosy.

I have a number of exciting appearances before then in the pipeline as well. I will keep you in the loop for that. Footage from this week will also be out soon.

In addition, I will be running a competition, closer to the festival, to win free tickets.

It looks like I still have a couple of slots available for my class in Birmingham next weekend. 7-8 of March. Please click here for more info. It’s £250. London on 4-5 April looks choca-block so if you are a maybe for that, please do confirm and pay the £50 deposit ASAP as I will be turning people away.

Thanks for your continued support.



What a week. Wall to wall celebs and influencers!

Hey Tribe,

Well, what a celeb-filled week that was!

I healed four beautiful and talented women.

Monday, I worked on Gabby Allen She has been on Big Brother, Love Island, all sorts of reality TV. Tuesday I worked on Ebti, a model and influencer, and Wednesday I was with Lizzie Cundy, TV personality and radio host, I gave her, her “mojo back”. In addition, I worked on a very talented singer friend of mine, Helen Hurd.

They all had emotional blocks, same as the rest of us. We are born with abandonment issues. As soon as we are ejected from the womb, they appear. Each and every one of us has likely been rejected, betrayed, have some level of grief. A couple of the ladies were also friends with Caroline Flack, so they were very upset by her death.

I did what I always do. I asked them to drop into, let’s say, their betrayal, and I simply dissolved it.

They were all blown away. There were quite a few “WOW’s”. In fact, I got a wow from each of them!

I had some fun too. Check me out with Gabby. I taught her how to change the taste of wine, which is a level 1 skill. I also taught her to bend spoons,  which you learn on level 2.

If you don’t already follow my Instagram my nametag is antonia_harman. I’ll be working with a lot of celebs and influencers from now on, so you may want to follow the updates?

If you have Instagram you will be able to see the highlights from this week. I’ve linked them here for your convenience. Helen, Ebti, Gabby. Ebti had a severe case of triptophobia, which has been dissolved this is a level 1 skill.

Gabby will be editing and posting the spoon bending video in the next few days.

Also, we have wizard school in Birmingham on 7-8th of March. If you are interested, please do get in touch, April 4-5th I’m also teaching in London.

Have a great week,

With love,



Is “See it to believe it” backwards?

Hey tribe,

How are you this Saturday?

Today I want to talk about the old adage, “See it to believe it”.
It’s a popular saying, and something many of us consider to be true.

What if we have it the wrong way around? What it we have to actually ‘believe it to see it’?

If you know anything about the law of attraction, you will know that you have to fully experience what you desire to draw it to you.

If, for example, you want rain, you must feel it as viscerally as possible. The smell, the feel, the sound, the taste, see it, engage as many senses as you can.

If you wish to manifest abundance, you must avoid fretting about mounting bills and instead feel that you are already wealthy.

When you wish to create a reality, you must have gratitude. Reminisce about future memories. Wistfully and fondly remember events that have yet to happen.

Obsessing about fearful situations actually helps to create them.

“Worrying is like praying for something that you don’t want to happen”

We create our reality through our thoughts be they positive or negative.

I think the Mad Hatter said it best:-
“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution to their problems and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”

If we have to see it to believe it, it’s already there, the creation part has been completed.

Our perception is so limited. We can see very little of what is going on around us through visible light. We can’t see basic things like sound, wifi, radio waves. Solid matter is barely solid, it’s mainly space even though we perceive it as solid.

We have probably all heard the old wives tale around fairies. Only people who believe in fairies can, in fact, see them. What if this is actually true? What if we can only see what we believe? If we don’t believe something to be so, then it’s not true for us, or the other way around.

Think of placebos. They appear to be such an anomaly. How can an empty medicine, a mere sugar pill actually help? Prozac one of the best-selling medicines on the market. The placebo for it has the same effect.

If people believe they are receiving the placebo, it has the same effect as the actual drug. ‘Believe it to see it.’

I think that we have ‘reality’ inside out and upside down. What if believing in something wholeheartedly actually brought it into being?

Abracadabra, is a well known ‘magical’ word, the meaning and origin is hotly debated. I will go for the one that I like best which is ‘What I think, I create’.

What if thought and belief is, in fact, the power of creation?

Food for thought!

By the way, I’ll be teaching level 1 in Birmingham on March 7-8th well as London April 4-5th. If you or any friends are interested in learning magic, please do get in touch. The price is £250.

Have an amazing week.

With love,