Universal Essences

Discovering Universal Essences

galaxy_universe-normalI am coming to the end of teaching my level 1 class in Bilthoven, Holland. I have had a great time with lovely students and wonderful host Else. Whist teaching I discovered a fantastic new energy that I am calling ‘Universal Essences’. Literally essence of anything from the Universe. In class we were channelling  ‘Essence of Lion’ which made the students feel strong, dominant, courageous and grounded. We did ‘Essence of Fairy’ which made us so playful and joyful, we were giggling with love in out hearts. ‘Angel Essence’ was connected and light. Dolphin was heart-felt, expansive, flowing. Just for fun I suggested we tried ‘Essence of Slug’ which surprisingly made us feel big and with direction, calm and steady.  This exercise would be really useful if we would like to relate to a person on an issue, to help with empathy, especially if the views we hold are very different to theirs -to walk in their shoes so to speak.

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Internet Dating

So I went to visit my friend the other day, she has just had beautiful bouncing twin girls who are gorgeous, so tiny at 5 days old. Now I haven’t seen my friend for a while, and I wanted to know all the details of her loving man. Well she told me that she met him on a dating site and that they were blissfully happy. I went home and immediately joined the site to see what was out there. I went on a date with a guy a  few days later,  as we were at dinner I was working to explain what I did. Now I am more of a show then tell person as the proof is really in the pudding. So I had a look at his face, there was a patch of beard missing to the left of his chin, this is a tell tale sign that there is an issue with the large intestine. I decided I would treat the issue with alteantive healing

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Distance Workshops!

I am pleased to announce that Divine Empowerment level 1 can now be taught via distant workshops using Skype.

I was aware that some of the Spiritual healing course could be taught from afar, but this was put to the test at the last London class. One of the students was unable to attend in person, we decided to do what we could do a distant workshop via Skype, and then also meet up so I could catch her up on the energies that she missed.

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