Negative thought and nocebo effect - divine empowerment

In last weeks blog we learnt about the placebo, this week we will address the nocebo, which is the opposite.
The placebo is thinking something is true for example receiving treatment for an illness, instead having the medicine, taking something that looks like it but with no active ingredients, a sugar pill for example, and the treatment still working. The nocebo is the negative version, so expecting something bad to happen and that then manifesting.

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Placebo picWe have all heard of the word ‘Placebo’. Placebos are used in medicine to determine if a drug is viable before it is brought to market.

In medical trials they normally divide patients into 3 groups:-

Group 1 -Has the drug with the active ingredient designed to treat their condition.

Group 2 -Has a pretend pill or placebo usually made from sugar but designed to look like the real thing.

Group 3 -They give nothing to.

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Hooks and Breakups

Hooks and relationship breakup - divine empowermentIn intimate relationships we merge energetically with our partner; hearts literally beating as one. This is symbiotic and reassuring as we feel what the other is thinking, it can become quite empathetic and connected. The flip side is obsession, thinking about them all the time making us unproductive or in extreme cases turn us into stalkers.

I have a very quiet mind, I am a highly energetic and bouncy woman but there is complete stillness in my mind the majority of the time, I literally live in a meditative state. This has been the status quo for around seven years now except for when I liked a boy, then a broken record would play on, repeat thinking about him all the time, it was super distracting.

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