Distance Workshops!

I am pleased to announce that Divine Empowerment level 1 can now be taught via distant workshops using Skype.

I was aware that some of the Spiritual healing course could be taught from afar, but this was put to the test at the last London class. One of the students was unable to attend in person, we decided to do what we could do a distant workshop via Skype, and then also meet up so I could catch her up on the energies that she missed.

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Soul retrieval


I have been working on the level 1 class for Divine Empowerment, and I have downloaded a new energy  forSoul Retrieval. When we suffer from a major trauma, a part of our soul can get broken off and lost.

Efficiently instead of us having to deal with the issue we pack up and hide it under the bed never to be seen again. If we want to really start to evolve as humans we need to be whole so it seems prudent to collect all these pieces and bring them home. Shamans believe that the human soul is free to leave the body, this happens when we are dreaming. Alternatively it can leave the body to protect itself from damaging situations that are either emotional or physical.  If the soul doesn’t come back on its own, it’s important intervene and return the ‘fragmented soul’

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