Casual sex, tantra and the health issues…

Tantric sex and relationships

Tantric Sex - Divine EmpowermentI am forever reading article about sexual liberation, how we should be empowered to be with whomever we choose. I get that, we should feel empowered but it feels a bit like we are trying to walk before we run. Let me explain. Sex is extremely powerful energetically, it has been used in rituals for thousands of years. When done correctly we can super-charge manifesting. Shamans use ‘Sex Magic’, there are intricate rituals to this but the premise is, leading up to and at the point of orgasm both parties focus their attention on whatever their heart desires, this is agreed before-hand.

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Thought clouds and collective consciousness

though cloudsLast year I had a wonderful demonstration on how thoughts were energy. My dear friend lost her car keys and was panicking. The problem had been worked out, her car was being towed for free, she had a spare set at home and time to find them. However, she was hysterical so much so that she uttered the immortal words “I think I am having a nervous break-down!” Up until that point I was joking with her as the problem had been resolved, there was nothing more to be done, although it didn’t feel that way to her.

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