Mind Body Spirit -NEC Sept Birmingham Sept 11-13- 2015

I am very excited to announce that Divine Empowerment are doing our first expo at the NEC, in Birmingham this weekend. It has all been a little last minute dash to get things organized as we only chose to be a part of it a week and a half before show day! Wow.
Now is the perfect time to present as we have just had the huge shift to video teaching. All the classes are now available to watch  from the comfort of your own homes via members area in our site https://divineempowerment.co.uk/membersarea/levels/
We now teach the Big Eraser which can literally erase deep seated emotional trauma in seconds.

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It’s all ice cream

The age old question:-

“Which God is the one true god?”

Millions, if not billions of people have died over this debate. It’s the cause of so much war and misery.  If God is love which every religion seems to agree on, then killing on his behalf seems oxymoronic if not simply just moronic!

I read an Anastasia book a while ago in the ‘ringing cedars’ series which explained religion in a way I hadn’t considered before.  Imagine your parents had tragically died when you were a child. Throughout your life you would come across people who had known your parents at various stages of their lives. “Oh at school your mum was the sweetest girl, she looked after me when I was sad” or “I smoked pot with your dad at University” or “I lived next to your mum in her 20’s, we used to go dancing together”, you get the picture. Now they would all be speaking about the same people but their experience of them would have been different as they grew up.

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