Obesity, malnourishment and nutrition

Are obese people malnourished? Does nutrient rich food taste better?

I have long suspected that morbidly obese people are, in fact, malnourished. Think about it. Many of them consume significantly more calories than other people, yet they are still ravenous.

I am thinking of the people, many in America who consume vast amounts of junk food, and struggle to walk. Junk food diets are pretty much devoid of nutrition. There are few veggies, and the ones that are consumed are often GMO, and grown with Monsanto methods. Their focus being on size rather than taste and nutrition.

Have you ever noticed that organic food tastes far more vibrant and flavoursome than non-organic food? I wonder if enhanced or maximum flavour is a sign of good nutrition. The stronger it tastes the better it is for you.

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Spoon bending

I have a doosy for you this week.

Drum roll please…

Today you can learn spoon bending. Please watch the video below and follow along the written instructions.


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Healing breakthrough

How’s the snow where you are? Beautiful and not too disruptive, I hope.

Has anyone boarded the celery train? I bought my mother a juicer for her birthday yesterday. I hope she uses it.

To continue on with my story.

As I mentioned, the trances have afforded me some Siddhis or spiritual super powers. They are mostly focused around healing.

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