Complete body check 3

I hope you are all well and happy.

This week I wanted to conclude my mini-series and actually get to the crux of the complete body check. By now you understand the miracles of Vibrational Medicine.

You know some of the people who have benefited and bits of quantum physics that tell us that there is no such thing as solid matter. Everything that exists is simply energy. We need energy to facilitate healing, and to optimise our bodies.

We have been led to believe that as we age, we deteriorate, that things start slowing down. This is, indeed, the case for most people but it doesn’t have to be. We can still be sprightly in our silver years.

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Complete body check 2

Last Saturday I started to tell you about the wonders of Vibrational Medicine. How Jerry Hall, Sarah Ferguson, and Princess Diana, amongst others, were clients of Jack Temple. Of my experience with Derek Talbot who removed the residue from my tetanus injection, which prevented the energy flow to my legs, allowing me to start to enjoy walking.

This week I wanted to explain how vibrational medicine works.

First , I need to explain the nature of our physical reality. It’s not as it seems. This is where it gets techy. You have been warned!!!

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Complete body check part one

This week I want to get into the complete body check with you. For that I need to set the scene.

Many moons ago, I studied vibrational medicine. This modality was created by Jack Temple and was a favourite of the royals and celebs alike.

“Going to Jack Temple was a life-enhancing experience. He cured me, my sister, my mother and my children of all our ailments. He’s a genius worker.”

-Jerry Hall

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson were regulars, as his work was nothing short of remarkable.

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