A mental health breakthrough, negative self-talk part 2

How are you this fine Saturday?

How did you find last week’s newsletter?

Are you a person with a chatty or a quiet brain? Did you notice the chatter got louder when something went wrong? Maybe you got a cold or stubbed your toe and it increased?

If you have noticed the chatter, you must be wondering what the heck it is? We have, or I at least ,assumed that living in grand central station in rush hour was completely normal. It wasn’t until it suddenly ceased that I even considered it could be something other.

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A mental health breakthrough, negative self-talk part 1

Along with the new site I announced last week I have some new exciting work to tell you about, a breakthrough in mental health.

In my mind, people fall into 2 major categories, which may well be one of the missing fundamentals when it comes to stable mental health.
1. People with chatty brains self-talk in a negative way, constantly undermining themselves, saying “you are rubbish”, “no-one loves you”, “you will never achieve anything” “you are fat, and unappealing”. You get the picture. These people also have trouble sleeping as the day’s hiccups play over and over again in their heads.

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New Site

Sorry for the tardiness of today’s blog. more little dramas to breathe through, fitting in perfectly with last weeks topic.

We have had a few technical glitches delaying my announcement just a touch, testing my resolve once more.

How was your week? Did the spirit of Ostara inspire you to ditch the dead weight, either in relationships or your homes?

Well, with spring well and truly in the air there are new beginnings all around.

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