Was Santa created on a magic mushroom trip?

Happy holidays one and all!

If you have been following the last few blogs you will know that I have been working closely with Georgia Harrison to prepare her for her MMA fight. You will be pleased to know that she smashed it! What a champ! I’m so grateful to be part of her team.

We cleared her inevitable fear around the fight in Koh Samui. I then worked on her nervous system via a strand of her hair. I also linked into her on the day of the fight and cleared any nerves and watched the match with Darren, who is an ex-pro fighter, and supported her as best we could. He told me for example that she was dropping her fists so I channelled energy into her arms to strengthen them. We did that throughout all 3 rounds. She really was incredible! Well done, Georgia!

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Healing Georgia Harrison in Stunning Samui

Hey Tribe,

I’m still in Koh Samui, Thailand, and a newly engaged woman.

Well this trip has been quite a ride. From a mouldy Airbnb, we ended up in back to back 5* luxury. We stayed at the W, and the Ritz-Carlton. We were so well looked after by the Marriott group – upgrades and love all around.



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