Through more than a decade of trance work, Antonia has awoken many of her latent healing abilities. Dormant, inaccessible skills we all possess. This makes her work both futuristic and cutting edge.


I began my healing journey more than a decade ago. A friend, Lucie, had burst her eardrum five times and was in excruciating pain multiple times a week. Of course, she went to the doctor, and was referred to a specialist, and then a surgeon. The prognosis was grim, however, treatment would not be covered by the NHS; would cost £4,500; and had a 50% expected success rate. In short, doctors were not sure what the issue was, and were planning to open-up the ear to see if they could help. Nevertheless, with few alternatives on the table, Lucie booked the operation.

Then, one day, whilst strolling, Lucie fell to the ground and started screaming for help. I wanted to help but couldn’t figure out how. Placing my hands upon Lucie’s ears, I began to channel energy. And something unexpectedly started to happen.

I was feeding something out of Lucie’s ears and through my hands until it landed on the floor. It was a foot long, and though it resembled a snake, it took the form of heat waves. I threw energy at it and it vanished, then worked on the other side where a smaller vision appeared in much the same way. That was 2007. Lucie promptly cancelled the surgery and never had earache afterwards.

This was my eureka moment. My whole life changed in an instant. I realised that medicine must be missing a trick, that there was more to it all. So much so that I felt compelled to follow my vocation, quitting my budding career in TV presenting in the process. The last decade or so have been an interesting journey for me, much of it spent in a trance state, unlocking the latent abilities we all have. We just don’t know we have them or how to access them.

Working on a series of mind-blowing, reality-shifting healings, I teach students the path of awakening, helping them to become more connected and at peace. One of my specialties revolves around focusing on the ‘why’ of dis-ease, which I along with many leading experts believe to be grounded in emotions. Working on the fact that clearing stagnated e-motion (or energy in motion) ensures that diseases no longer have a purpose and tend to dissipate. If you want to learn more, please sign up for a class.

More recently I have been having incredible success with depression, even suicidal intentions have be dissolved in a single session.

If you want to learn more please have a look at the bespoke healing page or why not book in for a private session or a class?

Antonia’s incredible results have made her the go-to healer for many house-hold names as well as anyone who wishes to be happier with a clearer mind.

She effortlessly spring cleans trauma.


Antonia is a trail-blazing expert in trauma release with
unparalleled results