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Chris Skordis Chris Skordis Criminology and Psychology student -London, England -2015

“I was terrified of flying. Every moment of the flight I would be so anxious, scared and panicked, longing to be on the ground. Since the healing I actually enjoy flying, I took a window seat and loved it. Such a change! Antonia performed a miracle on me for that I will be forever grateful.”

Dolly van Donk Dolly van Donk Yoga teacher -Amsterdam, Holland -2015

“My experience with DE is absolutely divine. After two years working with the energies my live and the lives of the people I was able to help heal have changed dramatically. Children with lots of tantrums suddenly turned calm and happy after removing entities, allergies disappeared. Even cancer patients benefitted after removing traumas, restoring self-love. Wellness energy on the free introductory level makes you strong, no more colds or flu!”

Anna KotenkoAnna KotenkoWriter -London, England -2016

“After ‘The Monster Eraser’ I have felt more peace, love and freedom than ever before. Antonia’s work has lifted debilitating fatigue and past trauma no longer has a hold over me; although the memories remain they no longer fuel emotion or have power. I feel freer to embrace life and all the change it brings and I’m profoundly grateful.”

Dimitri Raftopoulous Dimitri Raftopoulous Psychologist -London -2016

“I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over a decade. ‘The Big Eraser’ is the most effective tool I’ve ever seen, it’s as if the trauma never happened. Mind blowing.”

Kris NeocleousKris NeocleousHairdresser -London -2016

“D.E has been an amazing and profound journey.

The tools learnt have been life changing both for myself and others.

Being able to make an impact on people’s lives and wellbeing by improving energy imbalances through the release of phobias, emotional trauma, allergies is a fraction of what is possible.

D.E is a revelation in healing that fits in perfectly with our modern day world.”

Anonymous 2017Anonymous 2017

"I have known Antonia for years and I can confidently say that she has never disappointed me. I have seen her for physical issues and she has healed all problems (even those illnesses that many doctors have not been able to resolve). I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Antonia and feel reassured that I can rely on her for any other healing issues I may have in the future. Recently, I approached her for healing emotional distress, suicidal thoughts and depression. She was able to instantly associate the root of the problem and then was able to eliminate this problem in a single session. It was the quickest and most effective way forward. Almost instantly I felt the difference and in the days to follow i felt incredibly relaxed and peaceful. It has been months now and I feel the best I have been in almost 15 years. Love you Antonia xx"

BrigitteBrigitteFinance -London -2015

I had been suffering from PTSD for some time and receiving EMDR treatment, which had been effective in reducing the "Charge" related to the incident, which was driving the symptoms. I had been unable to fully escape the feeling of inherent and persistent danger. Antonia spent a few minutes with me in which I described the feelings that I was experiencing in relation to the incident. In that very short time she was able to connect to the sensation and remove the very strong emotional charge. Afterwards I could still remember the events very clearly but I didn't have the same terrifying sensation of re-living it all the time. It has been miraculously freeing. I can't say that I understand how she does it but I am deeply grateful.

Nadia Anne RickettsNadia Anne RickettsDesigner -2015

I have been diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress after a series of traumatic events I had experienced throughout my 20’s. After years of burying the traumas, things started to bubble over and I became paralysed with the effects of Complex PTSD that was affecting my life and health.

I was assigned my own NHS doctor to start EMDR treatment in June 2014 and was going to the appointment every week. Although the EMDR was working slightly I still felt vert stuck even after a year of treatment. Throughout this time, I met up with Antonia socially and by accident mentioned I was suffering from Complex PTSD and I was getting treatment. Antonia offered to help treat me through a new healing method that she was mastering.

I am very open to healing, and actually by this point I was desperate to feel better that I would have tried anything to feel better. Deep down, though not understanding fully what to expect, I didn’t believe truly that this method would be as powerful as it was.

One evening, we started off doing a couple of some healing sessions. The next morning felt slightly better, but not much had shifted. Antonia called me several times to check how I was feeling over the following couple of weeks and talk it through with me like a consultation. A few weeks later we had another session, and Antonia tried a slightly different technique that she had gone away and thought about after hearing my feedback form the consultations.

The next morning I woke up and I literally felt like I had been hit by a bus! I had a very important business meeting this day. If I hadn’t have had this meeting I would have stayed in bed I felt that bad. I had flu like symptoms, a slight temperature, with a very heavy head. I was getting sharp pains in my heart area once in a while, and felt so heavy. The feeling was weighing me down. I went to the meeting and came straight home and to bed to sleep it off. The following day I felt so much better. That evening I went for a run, and felt like I could run forever I had such a burst of energy. Half way through the run I broke down and started crying. Crying uncontrollably like I was grieving. There was a big shift in how I felt. The next couple of weeks I felt better and better each day.

Like a big weight had been lifted. I felt a lot lighter. My thoughts were clearer, and I could start thinking towards the future. It was like bit by bit I was getting my mojo back. A feeling I haven’t felt in years….

I truly believe that Antonia’s healing PSTD treatment really helped cure my disorder I had faced for many years. I haven’t felt as good as I do now for a long while. It seems that through my trauma my emotions had got stuck or stagnated and I was unable to grieve fully. I was stuck between depression and anger. I feel that Antonia helped move this blockage to let my feelings start to move more freely and come out naturally, but quickly to move forward.

I would recommend her treatments for complex PSTD."

Note from Antonia “This was the first time I used the Big Eraser for PTSD, now years later it’s a much softer process. Interesting that Nadia had chest pains, when we were repairing her broken heart”

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