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Level 2

Below is a complete list of what is learnt on level 2
(a 5 day workshop)



● The Flower of Life (FOL)-is an ancient symbol found all over the world. It is the basis of creation and is thought to be the story of genesis. ‘The making of the world in 6 movements’, it is the blueprint of all that is.

It bridges whatever is needed. It is a wonderful way to use ‘Vibrational Medicine’ . We can plant seeds with this energy which will work over time a few hours or days. It can be used on organs / dis-eases / to open spaces/ to deepen understanding. The only real limitation is imagination. It also access’s the part of consciousness that allows us to heal ourselves. The FOL is the base pattern in creation. It is the blueprint of the body has perfect form and can clear dis-ease. When working on a specific organ we have a script to go through to find out when and how the functioning was affected. We use pendulums to ascertain the answers, then the FOL to rejuvenate the organ



In Chinese Medicine the organs have a 2 hour processing time called the circadian rhythm. So if you habitually get tired at a certain time or wake up in the night it is indicative that the relating organ is not functioning at 100%. You can dowse the organ if you want to. Then intend to put the seed from the FOL into a client’s organ, and after a few hours or days its functioning will improve.

The FOL will work on any organ or ‘section’ of the body it can be particularly useful for people with long standing back issues. Make a FOL for each vertebrae affected and hopefully after a few days the back issues will have subsided. If a client has poorly functioning adrenals or small intestine the FOL work will be life changing as they will wake up the following day with boundless energy. The FOL is incredible really simple and deeply effective.




DNA activation (Cannot be taught by students) The DNA seems to be shifting in consciousness quite significantly most of the new students get to strand 4 on level 1. We will get to strand 7 in class, so that on level 3 we can open the door to all 12 strands. Then we start at the beginning and activate different parts of the DNA, we have to keep going up the strands and activate as much as is possible at our current stage of development, then repeat once we get to strand 12. I anticipate that we will activate the 12 strands 12 times so the 144 pieces are fully active. As no-one on the planet as far as I can see has currently done this it will be a fascinating journey. Once this is done I believe that we will be god realised. We won’t be able to do this until our conditioning is cleared and all other parts of us are fully active. It is a major part of awakening certainly from the Divine Empowerment way of evolution.

Pyramid (Cannot be taught by students) – Pyramids are ancient technology. It has recently been proved that they have amazing healing abilities. Pyramids are said to affect the weather making conditions milder in the surrounding area. They also calm storms and earthquakes. They limit epidemics, preserve and improve food, make placebos into viable medicine, sharpen razor blades etc. Pyramids take up to 30mins to build (by intention, although during the class this is reduced to 20 minutes. Do not stop ½ way through this can affect the energy field in the surrounding area. Once built, they can be programmed with any of the energies from Divine Empowerment -it works in the background. This means that we do not have to spend hours channelling, unless we choose to. We add the relevant energies transmissions to the pyramid, then the issue that needs addressing; dissecting the issue into small pieces is recommended then we simply let it percolate. It will continue to work as needed or until the issue is resolved. Checking in on it regularly is recommended to have an awareness of the progress and to see if more programming is required. –Some students may already have the pyramid.

Obelisk (Cannot be taught by students) We can build 4 obelisks per pyramid. They will support and energise the pyramids, vastly reducing the time it takes for an issue to be resolved. Ihr active channelling: 5 hrs passive channeling : 10 days in pyramid : 2 days in pyramid with 4 obelisk Obelisk will hold the programming of the pyramid for up to 3 months. Each one can be programmed individually to concentrate on an individual aspect that needs attention.

Avataric Gateway (Cannot be taught by students) This is an upgrade of the Divine Gateway. It feels like a deeper bridging to divinity

Inner sanctuary (Cannot be taught by students) Makes a home for all the energies to sit, like a chocolate box to hold the energies.

Viagra – This reenergises the male genitalia after ejaculation where it becomes void of energy. It allows more blood to flow for a fast recovery.

Anti-histamine / sensitivities – This helps for minor issues, such as cat hair or hay-fever.

Hangover relief – This is quite useful. It tonifies the associated organs, and can release the haze quickly. Hydration is also suggested.

Nanites –For computers/machines that are not working properly. Computers can get energy blocks, this will clear that.

Electro-magnetic stress – Machines such as computers / Wi-Fi / microwaves emit waves that can affect some people detrimentally, they make us feel lethargic, give headaches or can be far more sever. This builds cocoons around electrical devices to absorb these waves so they have less impact energetically.


Activating and de-gunking the ‘Cave of Brahman’ ‘The Brain Star’ (cannot be taught by students)

Activating and de-gunking the ‘Cave of Brahman’ ‘The Brain Star’ (cannot be taught by students) I believe that one of the reasons that we are not at our potential is that the glands in our brains have atrophied due to under use, genetic degeneration, as well as having blocks placed there. We live in a very chemical world so our brains calcify and generally get gunky. The gunk is caused by excess calcium /fluoride/ aluminium etc in our system which can’t be excreted this leads to ‘brain sand’. The glands need to be cleansed, activated and ripened, in alignment with the DNA activation.

The Pineal Gland (Cannot be taught by students) –This is our 3rd eye and is a very important part of our body for our spiritual evolution as well as our physical/ mental well-being. It produces serotonin which affects mood, appetite, sleep and learning as well as Melatonin, which is responsible for sleep-cycles. The pineal is regarded by many ancient races to be the focal point of our brain where our sight / psychic abilities originate. It also brings us more into union with the universe/ our environment, as well as drawing in light.

The main glands of the brain are contained within the ‘Cave of Brahman’ (6 pointed brain star). This is a resonance chamber that works with sonic vibration to open pathways in the brain. It contains the Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Thalamus, Hippocampus, Amygdala. Each of the 6 glands require activating and de-gunking, we can work on them together or separately. Once installed you can just intend for the Cave of Brahman to de-gunk / activate, or you could name each gland individually. By activating dormant areas of the brain we restructure and re-pattern brain function. It also enhances our sensing abilities, and personal evolution. Allowing us to access information from the consciousness field / higher self/ divine etc. Increasing our wisdom or you could say tapping into universal wisdom.

Weight loss – An appetite suppressant.

Gym Bunny-Toning / strengthening / recovery. For the physical body.

Psychic surgery – This can help us operate on physical issues, good to put into the FOL

Chi strengthening -To strengthen and tonify our bodies.

Life force This includes, Chi, Jing, and siesta. So will fundamentally energise us and fill up our energy reserves.


Merkaba (Cannot be taught by students) – Is another crucial piece of our energy system which is often damaged or inactive. It is a divine light vehicle that protects us, and links us to higher realms. It is an energetic body in which our consciousness travels. It can be used to journey inter-dimensionally, and allows us to embody wisdom and gifts from these journeys. It can help to clear conditioning caught in the light body -stored in a multi-dimensional way. We can do lovely journeys and meditations with it.

Black arts removal (Cannot be taught by students) – This is a one stop shop for black magic. It includes issues from past lives as well as current; curses, contracts, entities, ET’s, implants, invisibility, shields, etc. When we are working on these issues there may be some dark forces still in play so it is important to be invisible, this means they can’t see you and also that your frequency is in fluctuation so they can’t trace you, and there are diversions. You can use the hooks proto-call with this energy, that is probably the most effective way to find what is happening. Sometimes these beings have suckers like octopus which means that you can’t remove the whole one in one session. So remove as much as you can then program a FOL to do the rest.

Manifesting (Cannot be taught by students) – This helps bring our thoughts into fruition, especially when they are aligned with the divine plan /in universal flow. Manifesting brings the resources, in the best fashion to make a plan come true, as well as clearing blockages around needing support and the inability to move forward in life. NB – Be careful what you wish for, negative thoughts breed negative consequences.

Muse – For inspiration. This is useful when we are writing or conducting any creative work.



Assemblage point Cannot be taught by students) – This is a spinning spiral of energy residing in the chest, when out of alignment causes all sorts of issues -see below. It is the centre of the energetic body. If people suffer from the issues below, their assemblage points could be out of alignment and or fractured. It is said to be a way to reach immortality if we attain true mastery of the Assemblage point. Child birth often pushes your assemblage point out of alignment that and the hormone imbalance are the major reason for post natal depression as I see it. 

Soul Fragmentation (Cannot be taught by students) When we experience severe trauma in our life/ or in past lives parts of our soul can literally fragment off. This can leave us feeling disconnected from the world and empty. Soul fragmentation is an effective shamanic technique, to bring these lost pieces of us home. The DE version of Soul Fragmentation, brings the parts back to our being and the filters them. Trauma caused these bits to break away so it is important that this trauma is released before the bits are integrated or it can cause internal turmoil. We thus have a Ying-Yang-Compassion filter in place.


● Wellness – Is a combination of Bug-buster, Immune Booster, Multi vitamins and minerals, and Jing. Put this into the pyramid / FOL at the first sign of a cough or cold.

● Hot – This balances us with the outside temperature. When we are over-heating run hot

● Cold –This balances us with the outside temperature. When we are cold, run cold. ● Communication – This allows people with different points of view to better hear each other. ● Clearing and optimising (Food) – This will clear any negative energy in food, also optimise the nutrition and taste for the person eating it (can be used for wine). It can also be used if you think you are coming down with food poisoning, it helps neutralise toxins, in addition for people who are having chemo-therapy. ● Acupuncture –This can be used in the way traditional acupuncture is. It is very useful for improving meridians function. ● Universal essences -This is literally to channel essence of anything from the universe. You can add flavours to wine or food. You can run essence of mystical creatures like fairy or unicorn, or animals like lion or slug, or even plants and rocks or aliens. It really allows us to merge with anothers consciousness to see we are as one. It is also useful in conflict to help with empathy if we are really struggling to see anothers point of view.