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(a 5 day workshop)

Class Notes Level I.

Around 1/2 the energies that we learn in Divine Empowerment can be taught by the students. I have shown which ones can-not. We practice with the energies every day, so after the class students are comfortable to work on others




• Pyramids (cannot be taught by students) Pyramids are ancient technology. It has recently been proved that they have amazing healing abilities. Pyramids are said to affect the weather making conditions in the surrounding area mild including storms earthquakes etc. They limit epidemics, preserve and improve food, make placebos into viable medicine, sharpen razor blades etc.

They will take around 20 minutes to build (by intention) do not stop ½ way through this can affect the energy field in the surrounding area, and cause issues. Once built, they can be programmed with any of the energies from Divine Empowerment -it works in the background. You need to give the pyramid A TRANSMISSION to program it. This means that we do not have to spend hours channelling, unless we choose to. We add the relevant energies to the pyramid, then the issue that needs addressing; dissecting the issue into small pieces is recommended then we allow it to percolate. It will continue to work as needed or until the issue is resolved. Checking in on it regularly is recommended to have an awareness of the progress and to see if more programming is required –ie software update. Pyramids can be put into crystals for portability. We will build a pyramid in class, either around your homes, in a crystal, mandala or photo of an avatar.

• Divine Gateways bridge divinity(cannot be taught by students or made at a distance) . These can be put in places or people, whichever flavour of divinity most resonates or is most needed will come through, or whichever one we choose. This can be very useful if we feel disconnected from source. They are great in homes / wherever you spend time, they create a lovely peaceful serine space. –the heart is a lovely place to put Divine Gateways.

• Siesta – This is a very useful tool that can be used whenever we are feeling tired or drained, as well as in the context of hooks. Many clients need energizing before we start deep work, this will negate the need to reach for a biscuit. Running it for a few minutes is comparable to having an afternoon nap.

Emotional Release

The core of an issue or consciousness bubble can be seen as a dense pulsating black energy with layers around it. The layers alternate between a hard shell (like concrete) and viscous gooey (like chewing gum) energy. Thus we use 3 unique energies to liberate the emotional trauma.


  • Compassion/Heart Opening Energy -Compassion and Heart Opening Energy gets into the core or heart of the issue; working on the dense pulsating black energy. It creates a loving and nurturing energy around the heart which allows deep emotional pain the space to unravel.


  • Yang Energy – Yang Energy is a very powerful energy that bulldozes through the hard shell holding the emotional trauma in place.


  • Yin Energy – Yin Energy is designed to liberate the viscous gooey energy.

We can use these energies individually one after the other to get our awareness into the issue, or as a team allowing ‘divine intelligence’ to provide the recipe.


For deep seated emotional issues Compassion and Yin-Yang are used. This allows us to tackle them from inside out as well as the outside in. When used together the results can be phenomenal to remove the emotional potency for a variety of traumas. In addition it can be used on emotions /body parts / situations.




Hooks drain our systems as they siphon off our life force. If you imagine our energy systems to be like a bucket with life force flowing in from a tap. The life force is created from food, sleep, exercise, as well as energy work, such as channeling etc. Our buckets have holes in them which means that we can never be at our full potential as the level is in constant decline.

We need to find out how many hooks we have and locate them with the aid of the pendulum, we have a dowsing transmission. We also need to look at reverse hooks which we put into others. It is good to dowse how many hooks a client has, and then find where they are located in relationship to the organs. Please insure that the number dowsed tallies up with the number found.

Most people have them in their Head /Brain, Throat, Spine, heart and genitals. It is interesting to note how many are from past lives. All the following energies we use together in Hooks to treat ourselves and others: 

Remove Hooks

Dynamically Mesh the laceration left in our energy bodies

Energize the areas where the hooks were


Create a shield to protect from future psychic attack

Field clearing – People’s fields need clearing from any residue left from Hooks. This is particularly important if we are working on a person suffering from a broken heart. It will help them to stop obsessing about their ‘ex’. It is also incredibly helpful in grief therapy.
The hooks treatment should be done regularly on ourselves once a week or ideally daily to clear any influence that we have from negative forces. People hook us accidentally and often. The hooks practice helps create a neutral head space. Hooks can severely affect energy levels.

Crystal clearing – Crystals are like sponges for energy. If they are handled by people other than ourselves they can pick up that energy. Please clear your pendulum regularly this will help your dowsing accuracy.
1) Dowse total number of hooks
2) Check how many hooks there are in their : Head, Neck, upper torso (including heart, and upper spine), lower torso (including genitals, lower spine), arms (including hands), legs (including feet) – the number of hooks here should match the total number of hooks.
3) Work on each section in turn –remove hooks, dynamically-mesh, energise
4) Once each section has been done remove any hooks that have been missed (this is a fail-safe)
5) Then run siesta on the whole system, create the psychic shield, and clear the field.




The 5 elements correspond to emotions as well as organs. If we have issues with particular emotions or organs that can mean that we have a dis-balance with the corresponding element. It can be an excess or a deficiency, our job is to balance the elements so that they become even. There is a transmission for each element. They can be channelled separately or together into the corresponding organ or the entire system. It tonifies and strengthens each organ and releases the associated emotion…

• Earth – Worry, Anxiety, Mistrust vs. Fairness, Openness, Trust.
• Metal – Sadness, Depression vs. Courage, Righteousness.
• Water – Fear vs. Gentleness, Calmness, Silence.
• Wood – Anger, Frustration, Jealousy, Envy vs. Kindness, Generosity
• Fire – Hate, Cruelty, Impatience vs. Love, Joy, Happiness

• Energetic Aspirin -This energy is great when we need pain relief. It does what it says on the tin, it will help numb pain for a few hours if the issue is not aggravated. This is not a cure rather a relief for minor pains for a period of time, the cause will also need addressing. This is great for toothache, injuries, menstrual cramps, headaches, hangovers etc.

• Energetic Valium – Energetic Valium is muscle relaxant that relaxes you when you get tense or anxious.

• Bug Buster – The best way to avoid coughs and colds is to act on them as soon as they appear. Bugs are very fast acting and multiply at an extreme rate. With this transmission if you notice the infection as soon as you contract it you should be able to burn it out in just a few minutes. Noticing might mean you cough, sneeze, or have a tickly throat etc. The longer you wait the harder it is to clear. If it has been several hours you will need to keep repeating the technique every few hours until the entire virus has been eradicated 

• Immune Booster – To help the immune system deal with infection more effectively. The main areas of the immune system are the Thymus, Bone Marrow, Lymph drainage LI, Peyers Patches SI, Spleen, right and left subclavian (around collar bone). Dowse each one and then use this energy to improve the functioning. 

• Multi – Vitamin /Minerals – This will aid when we are feeling depleted. You can channel vitamins individually if you choose to. The ones that ‘run’ are needed by your body. 

• Jing energy – This fills up our energy reserves. It turns on the tap so that more life force can flow into us. 

Wellness – combination of Bug-buster, Immune Booster, Multi-vitamins and minerals, and Jing. Put this into the pyramid at the first sign of a cough or cold. 

• Hot – This balances us with the outside temperature. When we are over-heating run hot 

• Cold – This balances us with the outside temperature. When we are cold, run cold. 

• Communications – This allows people with different points of view to better hear each other.

• Food clearing and optimising – This will clear any negative energy in food, also optimise the nutrition and taste for the person eating it (can be used for wine)



DNA activation (cannot be taught by students, or run at a distance, it will work very slowly on clients) Scientists can only account for what 2% of our DNA does. Much of it is dormant in our bodies, activating it allows us to start to explore our true potential and nature. This energy has been said to make you feel ‘limitless’ like the pill from the movie, you feel more united with consciousness/ start to become a creator. In my mind the activation of DNA can make us become stronger and heighten abilities especially psychic ones. I believe we have the DNA i.e. programming to do all sorts of wonderful things that seem impossible at the moment. This is a step to activate it, the more you run it the better your abilities will become. For example Methuselah lived 969 years according to the bible. People have been reported to be able to do telekinesis, teleport, telepathy etc. Who knows where this will take us? Most people have 2 strands of DNA fully activated and some may be on strand 3. During class strand 3 will get activated to 70%. If you continue work after class you can take that to 100%. To get to strand 4 we need to remove the ‘separation devices’ this is done on level 2.

• Grounding – Our connection to the earth so we are rooted, when we are rooted we are less affected by other peoples moods and behaviour.
• Centring – To help bring us back into the present, more heart centred more in control of our emotions. Grounding and centring can be run together to make us less erratic, more at peace and more in the present. They also can be used to when we want to manifest. They ahelp us drop into an Alpha brain wave state the relaxed state –the relaxed state before and after sleep. This is about stress relief and being present.
• Clarity – This is wonderful when there is a live stressful situation. This gives us the space to take a step back and see the truth behind it. We can also aid others who are having a ‘melt down’ as this energy will calm them – it is great when kids start to have a tantrum, and also for any adult situation where people have lost perspective. It quietens the mind, it can also be used in problem solving.

Theta brain waves – when we dream when we are deeply inspired and when we walk on fire we are in a theta state. This is the best place to be when we want to mediate, manifest or sleep. It is deeply relaxing, and helps us become creators, better able to take control of our lives.

• Energetic DMT – DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic. This can be used in meditation to really connect, it produced when we are born and die, it could be at least in part responsible for Near Death Experiences. It is one of the components of Ayahuasca, as it is energy there are no dangers involved. It can also be used to explore past lives.
• Massage – There are energies that can mimic all kinds of massage. If you want a specific one you simply intend Thai massage or Swedish etc. It works on ligaments, tendons, bone re-alignment, joints, muscles, disks etc. You can run the energy whilst doing body work, to improve results / recovery. It is also interesting to do at a distance to see what happens.



Chakra master blaster (cannot be taught by students but healings can be done at a distance). Our bodies have 7 key energy centres called Chakras. They are spinning wheels of light and are located as shown in the diagram below. They are the colours of the rainbow, and each has individual purposes

There are 7 transmissions – one for each major chakra – to engage dormant structures within them. Once these have been activated the chakras become empowered. Allowing us to bridge deeply into our own or another’s chakras to deepen our awareness, clear and release any blockages.

If you are a couple there is a Tantric technique to merge your energy systems by running this energy – it is a very powerful meditation – it unifies and improves sex. Once the chakras have been activated a rainbow auric force-field is also awoken. Together they bring a lot more depth, embodiment and strength to our energy systems.

• Awakening Movement (cannot be taught by students and will work very slowly on non-students). This will help us become closer to the Divine releasing blocks and veils that keep us in separation. The more that you do this, the more you will become aware that we are all ‘one’.

All the energies can be called on by name, or you can just intend DE (Divine Empowerment) to do certain job. I hope that you enjoy the energies and please share them with friends and family, the more you share the stronger the linage becomes as well as bridging it deeply into consciousness. Everything can be done at a distance unless mentioned.