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What are Energetic Hooks?

Every time we have a row especially a reoccurring one, or take a lover, we hook.

Do you have a noisy head? Battling with yourself internally? Well hooks could be why!

People and situations hook into us and we into them. This siphons off our life force, it’s like a bucket full of holes, draining our vibrancy and vitality, exhausting our systems and polluting our thoughts.

Ever had an argument that plays over and over in your head? Something you ordinarily wouldn’t sweat?

An example of hooks

It happened to me once. I accidentally kissed a friend’s fiancée on the lips when I was aiming for his cheek, we looked at each other a little uncomfortably but tried to ‘style it out’. My friend Samantha saw and went ballistic, calling me / us every name under the sun. I was leaving, I got into the car, I felt a punch to my throat but no-one had hit me, it was energy. My larynx went dry, I was unable to speak until I had water. I sat in the car obsessing about what had just happened. Mortified, ashamed, deeply troubled. I got to the bar, and I was like a broken record, I could not stop going on about ‘The Kiss’.

I got to dinner and the first thing I said to a complete stranger before my name, was this story. I was haunted by it. I caught myself and decided to leave, I didn’t want to be ‘that girl’, self-indulged, whining. I boarded the tube and wondered what the heck was going on? I don’t think like this, it was an innocent mistake and not a big deal at all. Stuff happens. Then I thought this sounds more like Samantha than me, I noticed in fact that the thoughts I was hearing were identical to the words she was shouting at me. Eureka I worked it out, she had hooked me.

I removed the hooks and in an instant my brain went quiet this repetition of negativity and self-deprecation ceased.

Her thoughts were polluting my head.

What else do Energetic Hooks do?

Have you ever walked into a crowd and felt people judging you, making you insecure? Well this can be hooks too. People’s negativity projecting into your brain and making you think thoughts that are not yours. If you are hooked it is because there is an issue that needs resolving, which is like a bulls-eye on your chest. The more issues you resolve the happier and lighter you become.

If you have a noisy brain you are most likely hooked.

Want some peace? Come and have them removed.

They are also siphoning off your life force leaving you depleted. After hook removal, clients report more harmony, clarity of thought, increased energy, drive and vitality.

Antonia and DE students can remove all hooks as part of a single session.


“I was feeling incredibly drained over a period of months, when I went to see Antonia. She identified and removed an energetic hook from my arm. The experience itself was incredible, my arm really felt as though it had something ripped from it. It bruised for around 30 minutes, then the mark vanished. After the session my full vitality was restored”

Franky Ma TV Presenter and Producer

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