Divine Empowerment interactive online classes launch

Let’s learn healing and build a community!

I am very happy to announce after A LOT of blood, sweat and tears the wonderful members’ area is open for business, complete with online classes and interactive forums! It works on all devices, phone, tablet as well as desk tops.

What’s new?

I realised a few years ago that I can teach healing in a very modern way, I can actually imbed light technology into video. All a student needs to do is watch a video once, after doing so they will be able to run/ use the energy they have just learnt. We are fairly unique and cutting edge in this endeavour.

How does energy healing work?

Healing is often taught by transmission. If we look at Reiki which is the most well know modality of energy work, the teacher attunes the students, so they are able to use their innate healing abilities, and universal energy. Some modalities install light transmissions into pupils’ energy body, or link them to move evolved beings and some unlock latent abilities.

How does Divine Empowerment work?

I believe that we humans are wondrous far and beyond anything currently imagined. I think that most people use a miniscule fraction of their potential, less than 10% even. People specialise in different areas, I think ALL are available, they just need unlocking. You may have seen the pictures drawn by the autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire who spent just 20 minutes in a helicopter and was able to recreate the New York skyline, it is incredibly intricately detailed.


autistic NYC

With autism there are often certain areas of the brain that work exceedingly well and others that don’t. As we evolve as a race, we will start to see many individuals who function extremely well across the board. We get good at what we focus our time and attention on, but I believe the spectrum of these abilities will get a lot wider.

So where are we in this launch?

So far the introductory level and level 1, level 2, and level 3 are live, the other levels will be available shortly. If you are in a rush to get up to date private classes can be arranged. We are still beta testing so if you notice anything that isn’t quite right, please let us know as we want to do the best for our wonderful students and build a loving educational community.

What’s this about a FREE class?

Yes we are offering the introductory level FREE, so anyone who wants to learn a little magic and healing can. As we are working in a new way we wanted to share our process so you can decide if it works for you? No hidden agendas, no obligations we just want to build a community, get lots of people involved and hopefully inspire you to complete the intro level as well as the other levels.

How much do the other levels cost?

We have decide to keep the costs down as much as possible, to make evolution accessible. The in person classes from my home which I only now offer for the top level are £500, the online ones are just £250. As an added bonus if you sign up for level 1 before March 2nd there is a £75 discount with the code ‘NewYou’ making the course only £175.

More about the site

The new Divine Empowerment site is kind of like a mini face book, the purpose is of course to teach healing which we do by the videos, you literally watch the video once and the light tech awakens your latent abilities, so you can use energy healing for yourself and others. Some of the energies you can even teach to friends, family or even clients.

As I mentioned, we are all about building a community, so as well as being able to comment on the videos and ask questions which will be answered by Antonia or fellow students, you can also set up a profile with your photo, and information about you, or start new discussions about related interesting topics, and make friends with like-minded souls. There will be unique content from Antonia in the Vlog as well. As we grow Antonia will answer questions from students in the Vlog as well as talk about various topics if you have anything you would like to ask, please do so.

What is in the intro level?

The intro level includes ‘meditation hacks’ to give you the benefit of deep mediation in a fraction of the time. We learn to dowse with a pendulum, remove ‘energetic hooks’ which allow brain clarity and increase energy levels, energetic pharmaceuticals like ‘energetic aspirin’ to numb pain, ‘wellness’ to burn out coughs and colds fast, ‘emotional release’ as well as ‘chakra awakening’ you can even learn to change the taste of wine with ‘universal essences’ which as well as being a great party trick, really engages the senses so we can start to understand the scope of energy work.

What is in the more advanced levels?

In level one, we start working with the Flower Of Life, which is one of the most powerful energies in the universe, it is literally the blue print of all that is. We can start to energetically change the function of organs, my favourite being the small intestine and the adrenals, as if these are poorly functioning and are improved by the FOL work, there is a life changing shift overnight. We also learn the shamanic technique of ‘soul fragmentation’ and much, much more.

Level 2 is about fortification and awakening of the body and energy system so we can do more impactful work.

Level 3 is focused on hormones and karmic implants which are lessons we signed up to in-between incarnations we can now identify and process them.

In level 4 we start to achieve instant healing of food allergies, and we start to address certain illness such as autism and ADHD.

level 5 is about single intention healing on some ailments, not to mention ‘the big eraser’ which can literally erase emotional trauma in seconds. Energy is emotion (energy in motion), and we have discovered a way to access that, and erase it. The facts of the story remain but how we feel about it, the negative pain will cease to exist. Phobias can also be instantly cleared in this level.

Level 6 we can use ‘the monster eraser’ which erases an entire emotional theme like ‘anger’ ‘fear’ ‘insecurity’ instantly we are also playing with erasing ‘all emotional pain’ I have 2 guinea pigs I’m trying that one on currently. There are several virus’ the Epstein-Barr and Shingles which are prominent in many disease, they affect many bodily systems and are incredibly difficult to release, we have a new tool to do this. In addition we also address ancestral trauma, and embodiment.

This is a mere fraction of what each course actually contains, all the levels hugely evolve the students energetically and emotionally, as well as teach incredible even miraculous healing techniques.

Why not sign up now for the free introductory class and see where the magic takes you?


Be well, be happy.

Antonia. X





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