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sexy time

Casual sex, tantra and the health issues…

Tantric sex and relationships I am forever reading article about sexual liberation, how we should be empowered to be with whomever we choose. I get that, we should feel empowered but it feels a bit like we are trying to…

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though clouds

Thought clouds and collective consciousness

Last year I had a wonderful demonstration on how thoughts were energy. My dear friend lost her car keys and was panicking. The problem had been worked out, her car was being towed for free, she had a spare set…

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stress cartoon

Stress and illness

Everybody knows that stress makes us sick it also ages us, but do we know why? Latent illness’ surface when we are under pressure, be they digestive, heart or skin conditions etc. No one really talks about the why and…

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tiredness and depression

Treating Tiredness and Depression

Have you noticed that depressed people are always tired? If this is the case, is it the depression that is making them tired or the tiredness that is making them depressed? That is the question I always consider when treating…

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DNA Activation and Mutation

DNA Activation / Mutation

This is an exert from David Wilcocks new book ‘The Synchronicity Key’. It is about how scientists are able to change DNA. I work a lot with DNA activation and I found this piece fascinating and encouraging. I highly recommend…

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Universal Essences

Universal Essences

Discovering Universal Essences I am coming to the end of teaching my level 1 class in Bilthoven, Holland. I have had a great time with lovely students and wonderful host Else. Whist teaching I discovered a fantastic new energy that…

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alternative healing by divine empowerment

Internet Dating

So I went to visit my friend the other day, she has just had beautiful bouncing twin girls who are gorgeous, so tiny at 5 days old. Now I haven’t seen my friend for a while, and I wanted to…

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distant workshops for spiritual healing

Distance Workshops!

I am pleased to announce that Divine Empowerment level 1 can now be taught via distant workshops using Skype. I was aware that some of the Spiritual healing course could be taught from afar, but this was put to the…

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Soul retrieval spiritual healing by Divine Empowerment

Soul retrieval

Hi, I have been working on the level 1 class for Divine Empowerment, and I have downloaded a new energy  for ‘Soul Retrieval’. When we suffer from a major trauma, a part of our soul can get broken off and…

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