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matter blending

The Sword in the Stone – Could it be real? Part 2

Continuing from last week’s rendition of King Arthur’s advance to the throne. As we know according to legend Arthur was able to dislodge Excalibur from an enchanted stone. Doing so meant he was crowned King of all England. Magic and…

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King arthur and the sword in the stone

The Sword in the Stone – Could it be real? Part 1

I have a feeling that many legends could actually be literal. In modern times many of us have closed our minds to the prospect of magic. The more I learn the more I believe that anything is possible. “Any sufficiently…

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carcadian rhythms and sleep disorders

Circadian Rhythms

According to Chinese medicine each of our major organs has a daily 2 hour slot where maintenance is done. If an organ is working poorly, our body notices and diverts power to fix it. The body is an ecosystem, so…

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morphic fields and disease images

Morphic Fields and Diseases

I have previously touched on morphic fields in my thought cloud blog Morphic fields are consciousness bubbles, where thoughts, beliefs and information is held. One of the first studies was the ‘100 monkeys experiment’ in Japan. Scientists buried sweet…

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Thoughts affect structure

Thoughts affect structure

In last week’s blog I touched on the brilliant work of Dr Masauru Emoto. He recently passed, during his life he did some truly remarkable work. He was a Japanese scientist who was tasked with finding out how to make…

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In last weeks blog we learnt about the placebo, this week we will address the nocebo, which is the opposite. The placebo is thinking something is true for example receiving treatment for an illness, instead having the medicine, taking…

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We have all heard of the word ‘Placebo’. Placebos are used in medicine to determine if a drug is viable before it is brought to market. In medical trials they normally divide patients into 3 groups:- Group 1 -Has the…

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Hooks and Breakups

In intimate relationships we merge energetically with our partner; hearts literally beating as one. This is symbiotic and reassuring as we feel what the other is thinking, it can become quite empathetic and connected. The flip side is obsession, thinking…

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teaching evolution

Divine Empowerment Teaching Evolution

There have been some major advances within Divine Empowerment in-fact I would go so far as to say there has been a quantum leap. Types of teaching The light tech that I use has always had several levels: 1) The…

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Incarnational Personality Bridging and Dyslexia

I come across more and more people who feel they don’t belong ‘here’, when I say “here” I mean quite literally on this planet, at this time. The world seems very harsh, many long to go ‘home’ not quite knowing…

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