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We have all been around friends after an argument. The feelings expressed are palpable. We can sense their frustrations as if they are our own. In fact, if someone is stressed it can be uncomfortable spending time with them. Their stress leaks out and we become anxious or even short-tempered. This energy can easily be dissolved, however. The emotions around traumas can even be cleared instantaneously.

Emotion is the route of disease. Disease is a symptom of stagnated e-motion (or energy in motion). Emotion can be dissolved using energy.

In a session, I will ask for a title related to the trauma. Specific details are not required – just a title for reference. Next, I request clients think about the situation and allow any feelings to rise. As soon as this is tapped into, I can sense it and release it. The energy used is called ‘The Big Eraser’, and with it, a single event can be cleared instantly. This is then repeated one feeling or circumstance at a time so that the theme of issues can be solved in a session.

Depression is a good example of a theme. It’s caused by repressed anger. As layer upon layer of unresolved frustrations build, the energy becomes compacted and heavy – the opposite of the original explosive anger.

Other dis-ease(s)
With the help of Evette Rose’s book Metaphysical Anatomy, which is an in-depth dictionary of disease, I can clear any number of ailments in a single session. Currently experiencing great success with chronic backache (which is fundamentally about not feeling supported), once every nuisance of that e-motion is cleared the dis-ease has no purpose and so easily dissipates. This is the same for any illness.

Our promise
I charge per issue solved, not per session. This is due to the confidence I place in seeing issues resolved in a single session. Not only that. If symptoms (of the same issue) return within a year, I will continue to work for free until it is fully resolved. Acute dis-ease have multiple facets, so we discuss before-hand how many independent sessions will be needed.

Emotional issues such as depression, anger, anxiety, trauma and phobias can be resolved in a single session.

Sessions last until the issues is fully resolved, this usually takes between one and three hours and costs £500.

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