Who are you without your pain?


Divine Empowerment unlocks potential, releases trauma, pain and illness. It helps us wake up to our loving nature. We are divine limitless beings, it’s time to be who you truly are. Happy, content and pain free. Living life to the fullest.

Bespoke (Private Session)

When someone has an argument it’s easy to feel the mood in the air. We sense it. E-motions or energy in motion gets stagnated causing distress or dis-ease. Divine Empowerment believes that the root of all disease is emotional. That, if we can truly clear the emotions associated with compounded traumas, dis-ease will dissipate. We are currently having incredible success with emotional issues including depression, and many other physical and non-physical ailments in a single session.

DIY Evolution (Online Healing Classes)

Do you feel that there is more? That humans are only using a fraction of their abilities? That, we, as a species, are awesome, in ways that are beyond what we currently understand? That instant healing is accessible even normal? Wed do too. Which is why we teach online classes to awaken latent normal, natural and magical skills. We want to bring greater health, peace and happiness to everybody’s daily lives. The classes are online, in video and written form, and can be taken at your own pace. There are also forums in which you can connect with the community and/or Antonia to learn and grow.